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    Miana - Character Sheet

    First blood
    First blood

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    Miana - Character Sheet Empty Miana - Character Sheet

    Post by mianamint on Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:27 am

    Name: Miana

    Age: 11900

    Appearance: She takes on the form of a female human. Appearing in the early years of an adult. Her hair is a golden blonde color that she keeps in a ponytail when it is let loose the hair goes down by past her shoulders. She stands at a height of just under 6ft. Among humans she is seen usually wearing a silky light blue dress with knee high black high heel boots and a large belt, she usually wears a white jacket over the dress.

    Abilities: She has a large number of abilities including the following;
    Supernatural condition (Speed, reflexes, intelligence, strength etc.)
    Enhanced durability
    Weapon Manifestation
    Wing Manifestation
    Dream Manipulation
    Elemental Manipulation
    Holy Fire Manipulation
    Weather Manipulation

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    Miana - Character Sheet Empty Re: Miana - Character Sheet

    Post by Lynton on Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:34 am

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